Vanessa Chong

Celebrity, Boost User

“I never miss out on the best moments.”

“It’s not easy being a first-time mother. Every moment of the kids growing up is precious and you wouldn’t want to miss anything! However, going out with babies can be tough. The Boost app comes in handy when you’re an on-the-go mother because:”

Features I Love:

My phone is my wallet

No more rummaging your handbag to get your wallet. With the Boost app, your smartphone now is your wallet! Lose the loose change and go cashless today.

One-hand transaction

Look ma, one hand! Juggling so many things at once can drive someone insane! But with the Boost app, paying is so convenient and secure with their 6-digit security pin.

Spend & get cashback

Mothers love cashback! Am I right, mummies? Get Shake rewards when you Scan & Pay at over 25,000 Boost partnered merchants!

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