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Salim, Serene, Natasha and Javad

"Boost makes our day-to-day lives easier!"

“No matter what our lifestyle is, Boost complements it so much more. We can now make payments, transfer money, top-up your mobile prepaid, pay bills and do so much more with speed and security.”

Features we Love:

Salim: Father of Two

As a father, I ensure my children are in good care at all times by sending them money with Boost. There is no extra bank charges with each transfer, so I save money, too.

Serene: Model

Boost makes lunchtime with my colleagues easier. Whenever I eat out with them, we split the bills using the app because it is so much faster!

Javad: Lecturer

With Boost, even paying bills is fun! You can now settle all your phone, utility and parking bills with the app and get Shake Rewards in return!

Natasha: Singer

Finding a convenience store for top-ups is such a chore. I just use Boost to top up my phone anytime, anywhere, and I can do it for my friends, too!

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