The New Basic and Premium Wallets
are finally here!

Make sure you have upgraded your wallet to enjoy BIG benefits.


Here’s the differences between the two wallets starting TODAY! Go Premium to enjoy bigger benefits and to continue sending money to your loved ones. Look out for our e-duit raya campaign coming soon too for you Premium users!

Features New Basic Wallet New Premium Wallet
Wallet Size RM1,000 RM4,999
Transaction Limit
RM2,000 RM4,999
Send Money (P2P)
Send Money (P2P)
  • Wallet Size
  • Monthly
    Transaction Limit
  • Send Money (P2P)
  • Transfer Out
    To Banks
New Basic Wallet
  • RM1,000
  • RM2,000
New Premium Wallet
  • RM4,999
  • RM4,999

Here’s how to upgrade:

If you were Premium before and see that you have become a Basic user now, don’t worry you can still come back once you’ve completed your upgrade process.

So don’t wait up!
Upgrade now to become a New Premium user!