Send blessings with eDuit Raya


Share the blessings, safely from one home to another

As much as we’d all love to balik kampung this Raya, staying safe and staying home might just be the best way to show our love to those who matter.


But jauh mana pun, you can always Boost your blessings to one another with eDuit Raya. So choose a “Sampul Raya” design, write out a heartfelt message and share the blessings this Raya.

Here are three types of eDuit Raya that you can pick from!

Step 1
Select “eDuit Raya” and start sending!

Type 1
Send One to One

Type 2
Send to Many (fixed or changeable amount)

Type 3
Send to Many with Random Amount (make it fun!

Step 5
Don't forget to verify your account to start sending eDuit Raya!