Quick Tap For 30% Setel Cashback


Need to stop and refuel your car? Stop by your nearest PETRONAS station and get up to 30% cashback, capped at RM6 when you pay with Setel on Boost app for the first time!


Here’s how to use Setel in Boost App:


Step 1: Click on Do More and select Setel under Transport.


Step 2: Register for a Setel account with your phone number, make sure it’s the same phone number as your Boost account! 😉


Step 3: Drive to the nearest PETRONAS station. Select your pump number and fuel amount.


Step 4: Wait for your pump to connect.


Step 5: Once the pump is ready, go ahead and fuel up! Remember to put away your phone and follow station safety guidelines.


Step 6: All done! You can view the Mesra points earned on the e-receipt too.


Refueling memang senang jer with Boost! Jangan tunggu lagi, register for Setel on Boost today!