Get insurance/takaful plans with Boost today!


Live worry-free with Boost's insurance/takaful plans!

Select any of the following insurance/takaful plans and get 100% cashback instantly + RM4 Lazada Cashback for your first month’s payment!

HOSPICASH at just RM10.50/month

Protect yourself from income disruption when you are hospitalised.

Key Benefit: RM100 daily hospital cash allowance for up to 100 days

PROTECTACTIVE at just RM6.25/month

Lead an active lifestyle and protect yourself from accidents.

Key Benefit: RM25,000 payout in the event of death due to specific sports

BILLPROTECT at just RM5.30/month

Keep yourself and your bills covered when life gets messy!

Key Benefits:
– Up to RM1,000 bill reimbursement due to an accident
RM10,000 Accidental Death Benefit

Scroll through the Insurance tile in the Boost app for MORE insurance/takaful plans that would suit your needs.

How to purchase insurance/takaful via Boost:

1. Select the ‘Insurance’ tile on the home screen.

2. Choose your desired insurance/takaful plan and tap on ‘Get Protected’.

3. ‘Set Recurring Payment’ will display your monthly payment amount.

4. Tap on the ‘Pay’ button and enjoy insurance/takaful coverage!

Find more about the campaign’s terms and conditions here.