Game Connect 5% Cashback


Get 5% Cashback on on Every. Single. Purchase.

Our resident marketing trainee decided to play Oprah.

 Need MLBB diamonds? You get a cashback!

 Buying some PUBG Unknown Cash (UC)? Get some cashback!

 Buying voucher for Steam, Garena or some random obscure indie games? You guessed it you get cashback too.


Get it now with a few easy steps.

STEP 1: 

Make a minimum purchase of RM30 on Game Connect.


STEP 2: 

Cashback is credited to your in-app partner wallet.


STEP 3: 

Make a second purchase on Game Connect.


STEP 4: 

Tap, Sign In or Scan to pay as usual.


STEP 5: 

You will only be charged for the difference after cashback deduction

Example: RRP RM 30 –  Partner Wallet Cashback RM 1.50 = You pay RM 28.50

Campaign period:

This promo runs from 5th November 2021 until 31st December 2021!

T&C Apply.