Enjoy Two Cans of Nescafé for just RM4!

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Keep cool with two cans of Nescafé at myNEWS

We all have those days where we’re feeling a little sluggish. 🥱 Need something to perk you up? We’ve got just the deal! 


Give your day a Boost with any two of these cans:

Nescafe White Coffee

Nescafe Low Fat Milk Coffee

Nescafe Mocha (Red)

Nescafe Cafe Latte

Nescafe Tarik Kaw

Nescafe Tarik

Nescafe Kopi C

Nescafe Kopi Cham

Nescafe Black Roast Coffee
Nescafe Ice


Head over to your nearest myNEWS and get yourselves two cans of Nescafé for just RM4 when you pay with Boost! ☕