What can you do with the Boost Stars you’ve earned?


If you are unfamiliar with Boost Stars, it is our loyalty reward point that you will earn with every transaction you make with the Boost app. Upon a successful transaction, (excluding add money, send money, request money, zakat payment and transfer out), you will be given a “Shake Reward”. After which, you will have to shake your mobile device to collect the Boost Stars. Boost Stars also works as a functional “currency” you can use across many different features in the app, especially under our BoostUP Loyalty Programme.

You might have accumulated a fair bit of Boost Stars but not sure how to use it? Here are four simple ways you can make full use of your Boost Stars:

1. Pick & Win

Try out this gamified lucky draw where you can invest your Boost Stars for a chance to win exclusive prizes and premium gadgets. The best part is the prizes up for grabs are refreshed monthly.


Right now, until 31 May 2022, you can try your luck in winning a GoPro Hero 10, an iPhone 13 mini, iPad Air and Huawei MateBook 14s. For you two-wheeler-holics, you can try your luck until 30 June 2022 at winning a Vespa Primavera in White Innocenza, Orange Tramonto or Grey Materia.

There is no secret hack to winning this – it is purely luck-based, and the selection of winners is randomised. So, go on and put in more entries to increase your luck! Winners are announced monthly


 2. BoostUP Rewards Catalogue

If you’re a person who prefers a sure win, check out our BoostUP Rewards Catalogue instead. There are over 1000 items that you can redeem using your Boost Stars.

From gifts to useful everyday gadgets and tools, insurance coverage plans to eVouchers and Partner Wallet credits, there is something for everyone so be sure to check it out.


3. BoostUP FlexiRedeem

 Have your eye on an item but don’t have enough Boost Stars? There’s a new way you can redeem rewards with our BoostUP FlexiRedeem. This means that it combines both Boost Stars and money for you to obtain the items of your picking.  

After picking an item, you have the flexibility to choose between four options of Boost Stars + money combination to redeem the item. If you prefer to redeem with higher amount of Boost Stars, the less money is needed.


4. Pay with Stars

To all our users who are savvy savers, did you know that when you pay your bills with Boost, you can also use your Boost Stars to offset some part of your bill payment cost?

There are different redemption amounts for you to choose from to convert your Boost Stars into cash upon checkout. This is a nifty feature to give you more savings regularly or if you are just a couple ringgit short in your eWallet credit to pay off your bill.

Tip: Top up your eWallet through online banking to double the Boost Stars you earn!

So, what are you waiting for now that you know what you can do with the Boost Stars? Explore the Boost app right now! Click here to download if you haven’t already, Do also remember to keep an eye out for additional features as we continue to enhance the app’s functionality throughout the year.