The Secret to Never Missing Your Bill Payments Ever Again


How many of you have missed paying a bill because of these reasons?

1.       Too many websites, platforms, and portals

2.       Losing physical or paper bills

3.       Multiple due dates for each bill


We’re sure many of you have encountered these woes often, at least up until now, because starting from today these worries will all be in the past as Boost has enhanced its bill payment feature that will help you manage, view, and pay all of your bills, even your family’s. The best part is that it can be done with just a few taps on your smartphone within the Boost app.


The upgraded all-in-one digital bill payment feature, BoostBills, transforms your bill payment experience to become even simpler, more efficient, and convenient with enhancements made to existing functions, including AutoBills which allows you to schedule and pay your bills automatically, MultiBills where you can pay multiple bills in one go, and ViewBills which enables you to view your outstanding bill balance and due dates.


So, what’s new?


1.      The ViewBills feature has a new dashboard that shows you all your bills at one glance – from the overall total outstanding amount, the amount for individual bills, their respective due dates, plus the number of bills due.



*Note 1: Only bills supported by ViewBills will be shown in the pie chart. To check out the list of bills supported by this feature.


*Note 2: If you see the ‘Activate ViewBills Now’ button, it means you don’t have this function activated yet. Activating this will enable the ViewBills function and subscribe to in-app reminder notifications. You may activate the feature by simply pressing the ‘Activate ViewBills Now’ button then press ‘Accept ViewBills’


2.      Easier toggle on for AutoBills feature on bills you’d like to have paid automatically each month on a selected date


3.      A consolidated view for MultiBills where you have the liberty to choose any number of bills you’d like to pay together



4.    Browse on-going promos and rewards to never miss out on savings. You have an upfront view on cashback available for bills through the Partner Wallet, other bill-related promos and missions.


5.      Use Boost Stars to get discounts on bills. At the checkout, you can select ‘Pay with Stars’ and choose different options to convert and redeem your Boost Stars into discounts.


On top of that, we have over 50 billers including major utility providers such as TNB, Indah Water, all the state water providers, mobile prepaid and postpaid, Unifi, Astro, local councils, and many more.


So to all you busy-bees, with the upgraded BoostBills, you will never have to worry about missing a bill payment again, and consider all the mysteries to how much you have to pay, when you have to pay, and where you have to pay all your bills solved by Boost.


Try out the BoostBills feature today, download the Boost app now: