Raise your hands if you like Cashback!


Cheat Sheet

Cashback – let’s be honest, we can’t get enough of it. Boost’s ‘CashUp’ feature makes earning cashback as easy as ABC when you shop online at selected partners!


CashUp is an automatic savings feature for online shopping. It lets you earn cashback as high as 20%! If you shop through CashUp, you can earn cashback regardless of the payment method used. But if you want to double your rewards, pay with Boost to earn cashback AND Boost Coins that you can use to redeem other great gifts.


How can I effortlessly earn cashback by shopping online?

To start earning cashback, first go to the ‘Do More’ tab on your Boost app and scroll to the ‘Online Shopping’ section. Tap on ‘Cashup’ to view our extensive list of online stores and cashback promos on offer. When you select your favourite online store, you will be redirected to that store’s website or app. Then, just browse through, shop as you normally do and check out! Repeat these steps for each new CashUp partner store to keep earning cashback.


How do I track and use the cashback earned?

CashUp automatically tracks your cashback after each completed transaction according to the percentage allocated by the respective online stores.


You can check the status of your cashback by tapping on “View Earnings”. The “Current Earnings” tab will reflect all pending cashback as well as the validated cashback that is ready to be transferred to your Boost account. You can also track the amount you have already transferred over to your Boost wallet under the “Transferred” tab.    


How long will it take to receive my cashback?


Your cashback will be processed and reflected in your CashUp account within 24-72 hours. It takes a further 120 days before your cashback can be transferred into your Boost e-wallet. This 120-day period is needed to factor in time for potential returns of items and to ensure you receive the correct cashback amount. It may take some time, but before you know it, you’ll be receiving a pleasant surprise in your account to cash out into your Boost e-wallet. 😊


Life hacks for using CashUp

  1. Get your online shopping accounts ready to ensure you get your cashback. Some online partners may require you to use their app to shop.
  2. Make sure to complete your purchase at each store in one session for a smoother checkout experience and to ensure your cashback is registered and reflected accurately.
  3. Bonus Hack! Look out for SEASONAL CAMPAIGNS and deals for EXTRA and UPSIZED REWARDS.