People Behind Boost: Eric Chong, CEO of Boost Biz



Many people may have pondered about the person that is guiding our team to help thousands of merchants transform digitally to future proof their business with Boost. In today’s episode of our ‘People Behind Boost’ series, we will discover more about the man behind the scenes, Eric Chong.


Eric is the CEO of Boost Biz, and is in charge of steering the business in its goal to empower merchants to be unstoppable. By giving them simplified access to a comprehensive suite of digital business solutions, along with financing tools and support that are catered to their needs, Boost aims to support their journey of dynamic growth without financial worries.


His impressive career began at one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. This offered the perfect arena to refine his skills in sales, product development and marketing, and supply chain management. This formative role was a perfect foundation for Eric’s celebrated career, which later saw him moving on to roles leading towards logistics, and into the thriving telecoms and technology sector.


What motivates Eric is the excitement of learning about new technologies in the fast-paced fintech industry and how he can help the unserved and underserved community to expand and achieve their business goals with ease. Now, with decades of experience and his passion for innovation, Eric’s role at Boost has allowed him to enable micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across the nation to accelerate and seamlessly adopt digital solutions for their businesses through the Boost Biz app that simplifies their business with just a few taps.


With his extensive experience of driving success spanning different sectors, industries and across multiple countries, Eric has developed a unique set of principles that have served him well as CEO of Boost Biz. A core principle is that instead of seeing challenges as problems, he embraces them as life lessons. He strongly believes that one should always start with the end goal in mind and build a plan to achieve that vision. And do not be afraid to think big.


 “Be absolutely clear about the business and personal deliverables. The balance between short-term gains and long-term plans. Be realistic and focus on implementation and execution,” he said. Another of his principle is to invest in people. Eric feels that companies should spend more time developing their people and as a result, the business will prosper, when its people do.


When he isn’t in his office, Eric can be found enjoying a good book, building friendships through golf or watching a Manchester United match, but his most preferred time spent is having a quiet ‘me’ time to read, reflect and learn. To Eric, learning is always constant because life never stops teaching, and hopes to encourage everyone to follow this mindset.


On that note, Eric hopes all businesses, no matter big or small continue to keep pushing to achieve their goals. So register as a Boost merchant today and gain access to cutting-edge technology,  convenient solutions and be part of a community where no one gets left behind – so that you can be inspired to be unstoppable. 


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