Merchants: Check Out This Simple Payment Tool for Easier and Quicker Online Payments


Boost Biz sets out to develop easy-to-use payment solutions for merchants to easily shift their business online

One key customer behaviour change that is very noticeable in this endemic phase is that consumers are preferring contactless payments. This is backed up by the latest Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study 2021 which showed that 74% of Malaysians have tried going the cashless route over the past year[1]. This shows the acceptance of Malaysian consumers in adopting digital payments in their daily lives.


The past two years have seen an accelerated growth in digital payments and it has become the preferred payment method for Malaysians. This is where Boost Biz sets out to develop easy-to-use payment solutions for merchants to easily shift their business online without having to set up a website or subscribe to another third-party payment provider.


More importantly, this provides a seamless payment process for an increasingly digital-savvy customer base that demands convenience. An inconvenient payment process can be the difference between a completed transaction and an abandoned shopping cart[2].


In March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, we introduced an innovative contactless payment solution called Boost Business Payment Link. This feature essentially allows merchants to send a URL payment link to customers through any messaging app, such as WhatsApp or SMS, to conveniently make their payment.


Below is some useful information you need to know about Boost Business Payment Link to get you started today.




Here are Some of the Benefits of Boost Business Payment Link

  • Create convenience and better payment experience for your customers
  • Seamlessly accept online payments without a website or other third-party payment gateway
  • Receive payments upfront for pre-orders and online orders before delivering items to customers

Here’s how merchants can receive payments via the Boost Business Payment Link

  1. On the Boost Biz app, tap on “Receive” on the bottom left of the screen
  2. Tap on the “Enter Request Payment Details” button at the bottom
  3. Fill in payment details such as amount, invoice number, additional notes
  4. Tap on “Share Link”. Then, select a messaging app and recipient to send the payment link to

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