Meet The Unstoppable Boosties: Zalina Latiff


Today, we conclude our ‘Meet The Unstoppable Boosties’ series where we feature individuals who faced challenges in life yet continues to be #unstoppable. Introducing Zalina Latiff, who worked and lived in Japan with her family, then took a pause from working for over 10 years to support her husband’s career path in Malaysia.


In late 2012, Zalina decided to resign from her current job and moved back to Malaysia while being pregnant to care for her family. Ten years later, in mid-2022, she took a big leap and decided to pursue life in the corporate world after a decade of being a stay-at-home mom. The process was a huge shift for her especially with the adjustment of working from home due to the pandemic. Zalina struggled between managing her household, family, and familiarising herself with her task at work. Although it was a slow process of having to manage everything in between, Zalina gradually dedicated her time in adapting to these new changes with a positive mindset.


With the right amount of love and support she received from her family and close friends, she managed to pave the way and build new avenues at work. At Boost, Zalina currently works as a Workplace & HR Governance Assistant Manager where she looks after the company’s facilities and is part of the team in managing the office relocation project.


According to Zalina, “The sky’s the limit – the only possible way to be #unstoppable is for you to be your truest authentic self.”


Zalina believes that when you think something is impossible, it can turn into possibilities you have never imagined. So, keep believing in yourself, fuel your confidence and have a little faith. Always stay grounded and remember to be nice, as kindness is the key element to success. Those are her words of affirmation to keep pushing boundaries because nothing should stand in your way.