Meet The Unstoppable Boosties: Ann Khoo




In today’s ‘Meet The Unstoppable Boosties’, we feature individuals who faced challenges in life yet continues to be #unstoppable. First up, we have Ann Khoo, who, at the age of nine was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome (TS), a neurological disorder that involves involuntary motor & vocal tics. Despite performing well in her previous job, Ann faced discrimination at the workplace and was dismissed on the grounds of her condition.


Not one to let this get her down, Ann channelled her advocacy on fair treatment of people with disabilities in the workplace when she was invited to speak at TEDxKL. She was also a speaker on various radio shows, tv stations and other media platforms with the aim to continuously create awareness and educate Malaysians on TS in hopes to inspire the differently abled to break new grounds despite facing discrimination in the workplace.


To those who faced and are still facing the same challenges as her, Ann wants to remind them to “don’t be afraid to be misunderstood! With strong resilience, you’ll be able to break through your own walls and challenge your limits to be #unstoppable.”


While living a well-rounded life despite facing many adversities throughout the years, Ann currently works as the Digital & Performance Marketing Lead at Boost where she runs online marketing activities and oversees key partnership marketing campaigns.


As Ann continues to advocate fair treatment of the differently abled and specially abled, she hopes that through sharing her inspirational experience, it will change the world to be a more receptive place with equal opportunities presented for everyone to keep pushing boundaries in pursuing their career goals – so they can be inspired to #BeUnstoppable.