How to Become a Gold General on Boost in 90 Days


So, you’ve been using Boost for a while now and you noticed the Red Recruit rank on your app’s home screen hasn’t changed.


You’ve been trying to reach the much sought-after Gold General rank but can’t seem to figure out how?


Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some tips that’ll help you get there in 90 days.


First off, you’ll need to understand the rules of the engagement:


      ·       BoostUP is the overall loyalty programme of the Boost app.   


     ·    Within BoostUP, there are ranks with respective benefits, such as Boost Stars multiplier, online banking bonus, greater access to rewards and savings, and more.


     ·    You start with Red Recruit automatically when downloading the app, which upon spending RM1,200 per financial quarter (three months), you will rank up to Silver Sergeant. If you reach RM4,500 per financial quarter, you’ll be a Gold General.


     ·    Once you’re a Gold General, users get 3x Boost Stars, 3x Online Banking Bonus, up to RM10 off every bill using ‘Pay With Stars’, greater chances to win Pick & Win prizes, greater access to BoostUP Rewards and Partner Wallet discounts, and so much more.



*Financial quarter is Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep, Oct – Dec


Now that we understand the rules of the engagement, let’s break it down step by step.


Within a financial quarter, or three months, there are about 90 days, give or take (with February being the only exception).


So, if we further segment it by monthly expenses, to reach Gold General, you’ll only need to spend at most RM1,500 per month (RM4,500 divided by 3), which is less than half of the average monthly expenditure of an average Malaysian, especially in KL[1].


Considering that Boost is the all-in-one fintech app that simplifies every aspect of your daily life, from bills and insurance to online shopping and cashless payments, reaching the Gold General rank is way easier than you think, and it’ll be worth it because you’re guaranteed to have savings with every Ringgit spent on Boost.


Now, spending RM1,500 a month might seem daunting to some but here’s a few simple steps to reach that amount on Boost:


1.    Pay all your monthly bills with BoostBills


Let’s start off with the essentials – bills!


On average in Malaysia[2], the monthly bill in a household is RM350 on electricity, RM55 on water, RM140 on internet services, RM250 on phone data, and RM50 on streaming services.


That alone already amounts to RM845 a month and we’re more than halfway there.


Utilities such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Air Selangor, telecommunications like Celcom, Digi, and Astro, along with loans and local municipal councils including PTPTN and Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya, are amongst the extensive list of over 50 billers available on the Boost app via BoostBills.


Through BoostBills, users can track all outstanding balance and due dates in one dashboard, schedule bill payments automatically, and pay multiple bills in one go.


Users also enjoy direct discounts with ‘Pay With Stars’.




‘Pay With Stars’

Direct Discounts*

Required Boost Stars

Minimum Bill Amount for ‘Pay With Stars’

Red Recruit

Up to RM2 each

Up to 2,000

RM5 – RM20

Silver Sergeant

Up to RM5 each

Up to 5,000

RM10 – RM50

Gold General

Up to RM10 each

Up to 10,000

RM20 – RM100


2.   Purchase groceries and food with Boost


Next, we shall move on to Groceries!


Every household needs groceries, regardless if you’re on your own or staying with family.


On average in Malaysia[3], the monthly cost for a household is RM43 on rice, RM52 on chicken, RM7 on sugar, RM15 on eggs, RM6 on vegetables, RM19 on cooking oil, RM20 on fruits, RM23 on fish, RM47 on beef, and more.


Overall, if you count both groceries and eating out, that’ll bring the average monthly cost up to RM1,600 for the normal Malaysian.  


In other words, by consistently paying for all your groceries and food with Boost, either online through Lazada, Shopee, and FoodPanda, or offline at groceries and F&B stores across the country, you can already reach Gold General status in the span of 3 months.


You’ll enjoy great savings too!


BoostUP Rank

Monthly Partner Wallet Credit*

(valid for 30 days)

Merchant and Brand Partners

(no minimum spend)

Red Recruit


RM2, RM5, and RM10

(Users can redeem all three credit for each category, total of RM51)



Grocery Category:

Lotus’s, Giant, Mydin, AEON BiG, Village Grocer, Cold Storage, B.I.G., Mercato, Milimewa, Jimart, Econsave, TF Value Mart, The Store, Pacific Hypermarket, NSK, Hero Market, Bataras, Servay, Daesco, Nam Leong, Boulevard, H&L, etc.


Online Shopping Category:

Lazada, Watsons, McDonald’s, KFC, Foodpanda, EASI, Taobao, JD Sports, Youbeli, Go Shop, BuyMall, Morefun, etc.


Petrol Category:

Shell and Petron


Silver Sergeant


RM5, RM10, and RM15

(Users can redeem all three credit for each category, total of RM90)


Gold General


RM5, RM15, RM20, and RM30

(Users can redeem all four credit for each category, total of RM210)



3.   Fuel up using Boost


We’re not going to stop there though; lastly, we have petrol!


The average household spends an average of RM300 per month on petrol.


So, the next time you find yourself filling up at Shell or Petron, be sure to transact with Boost.


Now that you’ve done all of that, congratulations are in order!


If you follow these steps consistently, in about 90 days, you’ve ranked up and have now officially become a Gold General on Boost.


Remember to top up using online banking and pay with Boost to maximise your Boost Star earnings and enjoy greater rewards. 


Be unstoppable with Boost today! Click this link to download the app now: