Get Wowed With Big Western Dishes in Sibu


Four years ago, Evinna Wong decided to open her own restaurant, Wow Wow West in Sibu, Sarawak that mainly features Western delicacies served in generous portions.


Their signature dish is a succulent grilled chicken chop with mashed potatoes. Pasta and pizzas are also very popular items. For the pizzas, there are 14 flavour options to choose from including pepperoni, smoked duck, Hawaiian, mushroom and a very large 17-inch pizza! Sweet and savory lovers can also try out their Coconut Kaya Pizza that has kaya topped with mozzarella and cheddar, finished with a drizzle of rich santan.





For pastas, the seafood aglio olio is a crowd-pleasing hit as well as the creamy tom yum spaghetti for those who enjoy an Asian twist to western food. Wow Wow West also serves local favourites like Buttermilk chicken with garlic rice and chicken or lamb chops.



Evinna shared that she has been a Boost merchant since August-2019. “The benefits of accepting cashless payments increase the convenience for us and our customers. Even if customers do not have Boost, they can scan the DuitNow QR code to pay through their mobile banking apps.”


As a merchant, she sees advantages of the Boost Business Payment Link for takeaway orders. Evinna said, “Many customers are choosing to take away food over dine-in to minimize contact. With the Boost Business Payment Link, my customers can proceed with payment via WhatsApp by clicking on the link and confirm their orders right away. On top of that, with cashless transactions, there is no contact with money, which avoids exposure to viruses, germs or bacteria including COVID-19.”


“It is very easy to summarize my daily sales as Boost Biz will calculate the total sales on the main page of their app. It will also provide a detailed summary transaction the next day before 8AM. I am a person who doesn’t like going to the bank. Hence, my staff always encourages customers to use eWallets, and will take time to teach customers how to pay with DuitNow, as we don’t accept credit cards. We’ve also noticed many customers are preferring not to carry cash.”


While the various MCOs did impact her business in the past two years, with dine-in open, thankfully, her business has returned, even better than before! Last year, Evinna even managed to renovate and expand the restaurant to the upper floor.


There are two lessons learned from running a business during the pandemic – the menu needs to be flexible and advance preparation is necessary. Evinna said, “In the past two years, we learned to adapt to challenges and adjust how we run our business. For example, we ordered ingredients with a long shelf life of at least up to a month and this includes dry ingredients. We also always pre-ordered our fresh meat ingredients as early as possible so we can continue to meet customer demands despite any shortages of ingredients.”


Wow Wow West (Halal)

Location: 24 & 26, 5th Avenue, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman 31A, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak


Hours: Everyday from 11AM-9PM


Get in touch: Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp 012-663 9982