Fresh Seasonal Fruits Straight from the Farm in Tawau


If there is one thing that we have abundance in Malaysia are fruits, and seasonal fruits is what Ms Cily Tang from Tawau, Sabah is most known for.


Sourced directly from her family’s farm, you’ll be sure to find fresh, local fruits ranging from pink guava, all types of bananas, dragonfruit, to tapioca and brinjals.



Ms Cily said, “Pink Guava is the most popular and most sought after fruit by my customers Some of my customers would buy 20-40kgs worth of Pink Guava and fly it back to West Malaysia. I don’t know how they do it as they are very fragile fruits.”



Ms Cily also shared that the availability of types of fruits is dependent on the season and what is ripe to harvest. Your best bet is to reach out to her on WhatsApp to find out the fruit options available as with her busy schedule, she does not update her Facebook as often.


On running an online business and being a Boost merchant, Ms Cily said, “One of the things I enjoy about running an online business, combined with cashless payments, is there is no physical contact upon delivery. I was a Boost user very early on as many of my customers would transfer payment to me through Boost. That’s when I decided to sign up to be a Boost merchant as I found it more convenient for my business.”


One of the features that she frequently uses is the Boost Business Payment Link where she can send a URL payment link to her customers, or the DuitNow QR. She also participated in the Go-eCommerce Onboarding campaign last year through Boost to reward her customers with cashback.

Ever since discovering and experiencing that Boost is easy-to-use, she has constantly encouraged her friends to use Boost either as a user or become a merchant.


Cily Tang’s Farm

Location: Tawau, Sabah

Get in touch: Cily Tang (Facebook) or WhatsApp at 016-806 9919