Finding the Joy of Good Food at Riang Cafe in UMS


The bustling and popular Riang Café at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) is run by sweet Auntie Lo feeding hungry students with local favourites. Auntie Lo’s Riang café runs on an economy rice (chap fan) concept where students can choose from a myriad of tasty curries to stir-fried veggies and the all-time favourite fried chicken.



The café also pre-packs simple budget-friendly nasi bungkus with some meat and veggies for students who need their meals on-the-go.


Before starting this business, Auntie Lo was a housewife but due to family financial difficulties, she decided to start a small stall selling food to students in UMS.


Auntie Lo shared,” Being a small business owner, I mainly do all the work myself and I rely on Boost to help manage my daily earnings. Since everything is cashless, my daily earnings will be automatically credited into her bank account within 1 day. This way, I also don’t need to have small change on hand or seek help from my family members to run banking errands.”


“Most of the UMS students are happy to pay using Boost as they are very familiar with it. With the DuitNow QR, it makes it even easier for me as my cafe can conveniently accept payments from other eWallets and mobile banking apps,” added Auntie Lo. 


If you find yourself visiting someone in UMS, do check out Riang Café for a simple heartwarming meal.


Riang Café (Halal)

Location: University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

Get in touch: 016 – 819 9292