Everything you need to know about the BoostUP Ranks


In our previous article, we talked about what you can do with Boost Stars, our functional loyalty “currency”. Now, let’s look at the ranks in our BoostUP Loyalty Program which was created to make your digital lifestyle more rewarding, as well as offer an enhanced loyalty experience. BoostUP also provides unique propositions that give you various benefits to enjoy from each rank, so let’s get started!


First and foremost, BoostUP has three ranks – starting from Red Recruit to Silver Sergeant and lastly, Gold General.



The ranking system is designed with a simple tier-up structure coupled with high Boost Star earn rates. As a new user of the Boost app, you will start off on the Red Recruit level by default, and you will automatically rank up when you have met the transaction value for the following rank.


How to Rank Up

Your total minimum spend per quarter will determine your rank progress on BoostUP. For example, spending RM1,200 per quarter or RM400 per month will rank you up from Red Recruit to Silver Sergeant, whereas a minimum spend of RM4,500 per quarter or RM1,500 per month is required to be a Gold General.

To maintain your rank, you just need to hit the minimum spend requirement for each rank per quarter, which will be easy to do if you spend with Boost to pay your monthly bills, your online shopping, groceries and more.


Earning Boost Stars

Did you know that with every ringgit spent, you are guaranteed to earn a fixed rate of Boost Stars? With every transaction, you will get 1X Boost Stars for Red Recruit, 2X Boost Stars for Silver Sergeant or 3X Boost Stars for Gold General.  For example, if you’re in the Silver Sergeant rank, paying for a mobile postpaid bill of RM100 will earn you 200 Boost Stars.


If you use online banking to top up your eWallet, you can double the rates to 2X, 4X and 6X (with the extra Boost Stars credited in the following month) respectively for the same ringgit spent. So by topping up your Boost account with online banking of RM100, then you will earn double or more Boost Stars depending on your rank.


You can watch this quick video to learn more about Boost Stars


Added Perks

At every rank, you also have the option to ‘Pay with Stars’, which means you can use your Boost Stars to pay some portion of your transaction to get direct savings of up to RM10. This is applicable on your prepaid top up, postpaid bills and other bills within the Boost app. In short, the higher you rank up, the more savings you get.



Additionally, for BoostUP Pick & Win, your entries can be doubled dependent on your rank. Gold Generals for example, get double the entries for BoostUP Pick & Win increasing the chance to win awesome prizes.


We have also formed partnerships with Rakuten Trade, UOB Malaysia, Alliance Bank, Hong Leong Bank and CIMB Bank where you can exchange loyalty points earned at these partners’ platforms into Boost Stars through our ‘Stars Exchange’ feature.


Tracking BoostUP Progress

It’s easy to track your BoostUP progress with our dashboard which shows you how much you’ve spent, the amount needed to maintain rank or rank up, as well as expiry date of Boost Stars. You can easily access this dashboard by tapping on the “View BoostUP” button on the homepage of the app.



All in all, the more you spend using Boost, the more you can rank up and earn more benefits at each subsequent rank. Go ahead and check out BoostUP to experience a more rewarding digital lifestyle! Click here to download the Boost app.