Earn More Savings and Cashback with Your ‘Partner Wallet’


Savings and cashback are two of the most favourite words Malaysians like to hear when shopping or paying for their purchases. At Boost, we are committed to making your digital lifestyle a rewarding experience, and one of the ways we do that is to ensure that you do not miss out on any potential savings, cashback and discounts whenever you shop and pay with Boost, which you can get instantly by using our Partner Wallet.


Some of you are probably wondering what Boost Partner Wallet is all about and how to use it. We will walk you through it here.


Getting to Know the Boost Partner Wallet


Partner Wallets are additional smaller wallets that hold instant cashback or credit, on top of the money that is already in your Boost wallet account. They are tied to a specific merchant or partner, with an allocated amount. Because of that, you can have more than one partner wallet at any time. Additionally, you may also redeem  Partner Wallets from the BoostUP Catalogue by exchanging your Boost Stars.


On the Boost app homepage, you can easily view and access the Partner Wallet section under ‘My Partner Wallets’ tab along with the total amount of savings you can get through the various Partner Wallets. For example, the image below shows that there is a total of RM288 in savings available through ‘My Partner Wallets’.


Each Partner Wallet shows you the merchant, the credit amount and the expiration date of the credit. The credit can only be used at the stated merchant on the Partner Wallet


Automatic Savings and Discounts


The biggest benefit of the Partner Wallet is that you can enjoy instant savings! The final transaction amount will be auto-deducted from your relevant Partner Wallet when paying with Boost – yup, no  additional steps needed.


For example, if you’d like to buy some chocolates from Love18C, just pay with Boost and you can instantly enjoy RM11 in savings.



Do note that it is important to check where the Partner Wallet can be used (online or offiline) and other conditions. To find out more, tap on the respective Partner Wallet and you will see the full details on the validity of the credit, where to use and the Terms & Conditions. Just remember that any unused partner wallet will be forfeited upon the due date.



For Love18C, the savings from Partner Wallet is applicable on the Love18 website with a minimum spend of RM99 to enjoy the savings reward.


Is there a way to earn more savings?

Our tip is always to check your Partner Wallets page for “Active” Partner Wallets to see what savings, cashback and discounts you can enjoy. Another tip is to always pay with Boost, as we constantly partner with a wide range of merchants where you can earn cashback when you shop with them.




If you’d like to always be in the know of more savings and cashback, please click here to download the Boost app for a more rewarding digital lifestyle experience.