Duit Raya – A Melting Pot of Cultures


Hey Boosties!


We are now at the eve of Hari Raya, our phones must have been ringing and dinging with ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ and ‘Eid Mubarak!’ well wishes since early morning. While we may not be able to do a large meriah open house this year, there’s still much to look forward to ‘Raya Dengan Tenang, Di Rumah kan Senang’. One of the most anticipated things, other than stuffing our faces with rendang, ketupat and lemang, it is the collecting of colourful sampuls of Duit Raya for the young and elderly ones.


Did you know the concept of festive money that transcends cultures has an interesting origin? Malaysia, as a melting pot of cultures, it is believed to be a marriage of the Chinese custom of handing out angpao during the Lunar New Year and Islam’s practice of gifting money in the form of sadaqah. During Hari Raya, it is customary to donate money to the needy or give money as Raya gifts to children and the older generations.


Even though most of us won’t be able to make that treasured balik kampung trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t send or receive Duit Raya. Boost has stepped up to provide a safe, digital alternative to Raya packets, by re-enabling our exclusive e-Duit Raya feature.


For a month starting 10 May, you can send and receive e-Duit Raya, right from the app’s homepage and on the Raya feature page. There are 6 colourful sampul of Raya designs you can choose from and include a personalised Raya wish for your loved ones.


We are also extending the option for you to donate your e-Duit Raya received, to continue the generous and kind act of sadaqah this Raya season. Users can pay it forward to any of the NGOs, charities and religious institutions around Malaysia listed in the app.  


Boost Hack!

Only Premium Wallet users will have full access to the features of e-Duit Raya, so don’t forget to upgrade your wallets (for free) by:

  1. Verifying your details by taking a picture of your IC and a quick video selfie
  2. Adding a minimum of RM10 to your Boost Wallet at least once
  3. That’s it! Enjoy the full convenience of Boost’s e-Duit Raya

All of us at Boost wish you and your family ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’. May you be blessed with happiness, warmth, and peace in this season of joy and forgiveness.   


Remember to always stay safe and practice social distancing.