Digital Solution to Payment Woes


Launched contest at Grand Hotel

Kuala Lumpur,  July 2018 – Futsal has become more of a culture rather than a sport in our country. Over more than a decade, the indoor sport has claimed its status as a popular activity amongst youth and working adults. However, there is one particular problem that regularly plagues futsal go-ers – paying for court rentals. Futsal patrons constantly find themselves lacking cash at hand, then relying on friends on the basis of ‘I owe you’ and eventually losing track on how much they owe and to whom.  


Boost, Malaysia’s leading mobile wallet, partnered with Sports Planet, a leading futsal venue provider to create a convenient digital solution on the payment issue. The solution leveraged on the current proliferation of digital lifestyle and society in Malaysia, and the gradual shift in smartphone user behavior with an increased utilization of mobile payments in daily activities and transactions.

“At Boost, we approached the partnership with Sports Planet keeping two objectives in mind – how we can further facilitate the behavior change to a digital lifestyle amongst futsal lovers and at the same time solve the conundrum of insufficient funds on hand. Introducing our mobile wallet to the local sport scene creates a synergy between the universes of e-payments and sport”, said Christopher Tiffin, CEO of Boost.


In conjunction with the World Cup fever and to celebrate Malaysia’s love for futsal, Boost together with Sports Planet organised the Boost Futsal Cup for youths. The Boost Futsal Cup also served as an initiative to further propel the adoption of the e-wallet way of life within the lifestyle of sport. 


“We often notice patrons sometimes having insufficient cash at hand to pay for court rental and splitting the payment can be a nuisance. We figured out that embracing a digital approach and leveraging on our already tech savvy patrons was the way to go. Hence, our partnership with Boost. Kicking off the partnership with the Boost Futsal Cup was an excellent platform to introduce an easy digital payment solution to our patrons and we received overall positive feedback from the Futsal Cup participants on the ease-of-use of the Boost wallet”, said Mr Wong Horr Wai, Executive Director of Sports Planet.


All Boost Futsal Cup transactions such as the registration fee and cash prizes were all done via the Boost wallet. With the addition of a convenient e-payment alternative at Sports Planet, futsal patrons no longer have to worry about the woes of insufficient cash, bill splitting or keeping track of who owes money to whom.