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Ramadan is a month where we usually increase the acts of charity and giving. These gestures of kindness constitute the Third Pillar of Islam and are considered one of the most important practices. Charity is categorised into two types – zakat (obligatory charity) and sadaqah (voluntary charity).


Usually after terawih prayers at mosque, donations are collected and given to the communities in-need. This year, even though the government has allowed terawih prayers to take place at mosques, strict social distancing SOPs mean that this special time with the community is done at limited capacities and mostly at home. As for the donations, some mosques have even turned to technology and started accepting e-donations to keep the spirit of giving alive by going cashless and contactless.


To continue keeping you and the community safe, we have enabled easier donation process by connecting with more than 170 mosques and suraus around Malaysia. You can refer to a list of these mosques and suraus in the document attached below.

Boosted Religious Institutions for E-Donations_Malaysia


When you visit these mosques and suruas for prayers, look out for a Boost QR code where you can easily scan and donate. Don’t worry if you can’t head to the mosque to donate in person, you can conveniently #DoGoodWithBoost this holy month and e-donate directly from your e-wallet. We also have our Boosted mosques and suraus in-app, which you can browse by tapping on

  1. The ‘Charity’ tile found on the homepage under ‘Ramadan Highlights’ or
  2. Through the ‘Zakat & Donation’ section under the ‘Do More’ tab.

In this ‘Charity’ tile, there are also more than 40 NGOs you can contribute to. They range from welfare for children, elderly and underprivileged communities, environment, health, education, humanitarian aid and many more.  Remember, no amount is too small in this act of giving.


In conjunction with this holy month, Boost has been hosting ‘Boost Berkongsi Live’ with different segments through IG live every Sunday featuring Harris Annuar and Daphne Iking. Both Harris and Daphne shared and will continue to share until 2 May on how you can #DoGoodwithBoost this Ramadan and prep for a more meaningful Raya to #KitaBoostKita and #KitaJagaKita throughout the pandemic. The session that featured NGOs was previously done with Harris Annuar on the first week of Ramadan. In case you missed it, you can tune in to ‘Berkongsi Bersama Harris Annuar’ IG live session here.


Selamat Berpuasa and Stay Safe!