Boost Delivers First PROTON X70 to Super Shake Campaign Winner


Lucky winner to balik kampung this Hari Raya in brand new car

SHAH ALAM, 31 MAY 2019 – Last month, Boost introduced its biggest ever rewards campaign, Super Shake, where users stand a chance to win RM 2.5 million worth of prizes. The biggest among the pool of prizes are eight Proton X70s where a winner is chosen fortnightly.


Two weeks ago, Boost selected its first Proton X70 winner, Ahmad Sanusi Husain, a 54-year-old Group Agency Manager for PMB Investment from Kajang, who recently received his brand new car. Sanusi, who has been an active Boost user for the past four months, said the fact that Boost is developed by Axiata Digital, a subsidiary of Axiata Group Bhd, gave him confidence to start using Boost because he trusts the brand and the company.


“I submitted seven or eight entries and I understand about 35,000 people put in entries for a chance to win the Proton X70 so I feel very grateful that I was chosen. As a Muslim, we believe in rezeki from God and also the barakah of Ramadan. It’s also my birth month so it’s like a birthday gift for me from Boost. Alhamdulillah we are very happy.”


“In fact we are all going to balik kampung for Raya next week so we’re going to drive the Proton X70 back to Kedah. My family there doesn’t know I won the car yet so I will surprise them with it. We are very thankful to Boost for giving us the first grand prize,” he said.


Sanusi shared his process of using Boost before winning the car. According to him, he didn’t feel like he needed to submit many tokens. Just spending on everyday things like paying his Celcom and Unifi bills, grocery shopping, paying at restaurants and making donations are sufficient to earn tokens without having to deliberately spend extra. To him, the best part of all this is getting cashback on top of tokens after paying.


Sanusi encouraged everyone to continue trying their luck with Boost’s Super Shake because there are still seven Proton X70s left to be won as well as a lot of great weekly prizes.


Boost’s Super Shake kicked off on 29 April and is a four-month long campaign that goes on until 18 August 2019. To win, all users have to do is spend with Boost to earn tokens and participate in the weekly lucky draw within the Boost app.