Boost and iPrice Bring Millions of Products and Price-Comparison To E-Wallet Users


Boost partners with leading e-commerce aggregator iPrice to provide a smarter, convenient shopping experience in this era of the New Normal


KUALA LUMPUR, 24 September 2020 – Boost e-Wallet users can now access millions of products from thousands of merchants across Malaysia as a result of it newly inked partnership with iPrice Group. The leading e-commerce aggregator ensures the best shopping experience for Boost users by providing a platform that compares products, prices, delivery schedules, and includes offer vouchers and coupons. Through the use of Malaysia’s homegrown lifestyle e-wallet app, consumers can now easily compare prices and get the best deals with a safe and better payment experience.


“Boost has been at the forefront of e-wallet innovation and searched for the perfect partner to bring a better shopping experience to our users. Especially in this new norm with the deadly COVID-19 threat, we are determined to drive more innovative solutions through our lifestyle e-wallet to help make the contactless & cashless shopping experience the safest and most convenient way to transact.


“This partnership with iPrice is another critical step in bringing more choices and great value to users. Not only are we introducing a comprehensive new way to shop online, but, together with iPrice, we hope to create opportunities for merchants to leverage on our ecosystem and enable a more rewarding user experience all in a single platform. This further proofs that Boost is the app of choice providing complete range of services, anytime and everywhere,” said Mohd Khairil Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Boost.


Boost users can now enjoy access to millions of products through a seamless shopping experience in the app, as seen in these easy steps:

  1. Open Boost e-Wallet app and click “Do More” (Boost icon)
  2. Click “More”, scroll down to online shopping and click iPrice
  3. Browse products, compare prices, read product information then choose a product you want to purchase
  4. Click checkout, fill in your details, and then click “Pay with Boost”


“This partnership helps fulfill our mission to become Southeast Asia’s leading shopping companion and offer users our e-Commerce content wherever they are. We recognize that Malaysians primarily access Internet activities like online shopping through their smartphones and apps. Therefore, it is part of our strategy to bring price comparison content to enhance the services of Super Lifestyle Apps like Boost,” said iPrice Group Executive Vice-Chairman & Co-Founder David Chmelar.


iPrice has always had a user-centric approach; part of its vision is to provide the best information to Southeast Asian consumers, enabling them to make smart shopping decisions in the most convenient and accessible way.


Not only will iPrice provide Boost users with information to make smart shopping purchases through the use of their favorite e-Wallet, but it will also introduce its thousands of merchant partners to Boost’s ecosystem.


Overall, this partnership will provide more e-Commerce opportunities for both consumers and merchants. It will provide e-Commerce merchants with more potential consumers and traffic, while it will create a smoother journey for Malaysian consumers to check product prices and information while purchasing through a convenient and safe mode of payment. This will enable an even stronger purchasing power to both Boost and iPrice users, which will inevitably create a better experience for consumers overall.