The top 5 players from both teams will win RM150 each, but only one team will emerge as the champion.
The battle ends 28 February 2019.
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*Terms & conditions.

  • Users have to join one (1) out of two (2) teams by entering their birth year. Each team consists of a combination of Chinese zodiac signs.
  • Users will get three (3) free oranges (“Tries”) daily and may make any other Boost transaction to get three (3) more per RM5 purchase (“Transaction”).
  • Users will play the casual HTML5 game to collect points for their individual and| group points.
  • If users fail the game during the process, oranges (“Tries”) are reduced by one (1). They may try again if they still have oranges (“Tries”) left.
  • During the campaign period, the two teams will race against each other and ranks can be switched up or down between users at any point in time.
  • At the end of the campaign, the ranks are final and individuals that fall into specific ranks will be rewarded.
  • Each winner must travel to the Boost office on a specific date to claim their prize.
  • Each winner will only receive one (1) spin for the lucky wheel.
  • The prize-receiving period may differ and can be arranged to suit the winner’s