Your Shake Reward Just Got Even Better!

With the all-new Super Shake Rewards, you get to earn Boost Stars + extra Shake rewards when you transact and spend on your Boost app!


That means that the more you transact with Boost, the more personalised rewards and savings you’ll get!

Here’s what you can do to get some:

Spend Between
RM10 – RM19.99 

Earn 1 Shake Reward

Spend Between
RM20 – RM29.99 

Earn 2 Shake Reward

Spend More than

Earn 3 Shake Reward

Non-eligible transactions:

  • Peer-to-peer transfers
  • Boost wallet Cash-In
  • Transactions on investment related products
  • Zakat Payments
  • PTPTN Payments

Here’s How To Collect Your Shake Rewards!

Step 1

Transact With Boost & Shake For Your Rewards

Step 2

Select Browse & Swipe Left for More Choices

Step 3

Redeem Your Reward for More Savings!

Step 4

Find Your Rewards inside “My Bag”

Step 5

Tap “My Partner Wallet Page” to Use Your Reward

Step 6

Tap Use Your Reward on your next transaction for more savings!

Pay your Bills, Shop Online or In-Store, Reload on Game Credits & much more and get rewarded with Shake Rewards!

& many more!

As easy as it’s rewarding! So, don’t wait. Start spending today and start shaking, swiping, and saving on your rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Shake Rewards is our way of thanking you for your loyalty to Boost. In addition to receiving Partner Wallet cashback and Boost Stars (if any) upon completing transactions with Boost, we now reward you with a selection of personalized offerings that will help you save more as you continue to transact with us. Read more about Shake Rewards and how it works below:

  • Shake Reward is Boost’s new reward programme that provides you with great deals of personalized Vouchers & Partner Wallet after completing a transaction with Boost.
  • Boost PayLater Instalment Plan
    1. Malaysian / Foreigner legally residing in Malaysia
    2. Aged 21 – 60
    3. Premium Boost App users
  • Pay in 30 Days Plan
    1. Malaysian / Foreigner legally residing in Malaysia
    2. Aged 21 – 60
    3. Premium Boost App users (with good credit history) who may require monetary assistance to pay for services as listed in Table 1
  • Kindly note, users are pre-scored based on the following eligibility requirements and will be notified of the eligibility status.
  • Each user’s available Boost PayLater (limit or available) amount is based on user profile and information available to Boost.
  • You are automatically eligible for Shake Rewards after completing a transaction with a minimum spend of RM10. pronounced by our Shariah advisors.
  • After you Shake, simply select the item that best suits your preference. Then proceed to either Collect/Purchase to redeem it.
  • Partner Wallets are stored in the “My Partner Wallets” page and Vouchers are stored in the “My Purchases” page on the Boost app respectively.
  • Partner Wallet allows you to earn instant cashback from participating partners and use the cashback on your next transaction at specified partners or on specified transactions.
  • Yes. Your Shake Reward can still be found in its respective storage.

Yes. The Shake Reward must be used within the duration specified within its respective Terms & Conditions. You can view the expiry by clicking on the Voucher/Partner Wallet for full details.