You can now enjoy instant cashback with participating partners and use them for your next payment there. Have a favourite café or supermart that you visit often? Then the Boost Partner Wallet is made for you!

Savings & convenience:

Save more at your favourite merchant

Earn savings for your next purchase

Easy to use – just pay as usual

Your partner wallet will be automatically deducted upon checkout on your next transaction

Never miss out on your savings

We’ll remind you before your savings expire so you never miss out!

Use your Partner Wallet
when you shop in-store:

Shop online pun boleh guna rewards!
Here's how:

How to redeem more Partner Wallets

Partner Wallet FAQ

  • The Boost Partner Wallet allows you to earn instant cashback from participating partners and use the cashback on your next transaction at specified partners or specified transactions.

You can get Partner Wallets in several ways;

  1. Receive after spending at specified partners during promotions
  2. Collect for free from Shake Rewards after spending with Boost
  3. Purchase from Shake Rewards after spending with Boost, or
  4. Purchase from BoostUP Catalogue.

There are several ways to use your Partner Wallet;

Offline payment

  1. Select on the Partner Wallet you’d like to use.
  2. Tap “Use Now” below the Partner Wallet information list.
  3. Scan & Pay at the applicable partner.
  4. Alternatively, you can Scan & Pay as normal at the partner, and the applicable Partner Wallet will be automatically deducted upon successful transaction.

Online payment

  1. Select Boost as your payment method at the partner’s payment page.
  2. After payment is confirmed, the applicable Partner Wallet will be automatically deducted upon successful transaction.

Instantly! You’ll receive your reward on the spot when you make a successful transaction according to the promotion mechanics at the partner’s store.

There are two ways to view Boost Partner Wallet:

  • Boost Partner Wallets can be viewed on the Boost Homepage
  • Boost Partner Wallets will appear in “BoostUP Rewards” page under “My Rewards”
  1. If the payment amount is bigger, the balance of the payment amount will be deducted from your Wallet Balance. Please make sure you have sufficient Wallet Balance in the event the Partner Wallet value is smaller than your payment amount.
  2. If the payment amount is smaller than the payment amount, there will be a balance in your Partner Wallet, and you can use the remaining balance to cover your next payment at the partner.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to avoid this. Since the Boost Partner Wallet functions as an automated cashback, it will get deducted first when used at appplicable partners to help you save. In this way, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on savings you’ve earned.

If the transaction that utilised your Partner Wallet is cancelled, the utilised amount will be reinstated back into the Partner Wallet value.

Yes, you can. Only if you have several Partner Wallets from the same partner at the same time.

You can still use your Partner Wallets if:

  1. They are not yet expired.
  2. They are not yet fully utilised.
  3. You will be able to see the Partner Wallets that are expiring or running out of availability by tapping “Use Now” at the bottom navigation bar of your Partner Wallet page in your Boost App.

Once a Partner Wallet expires, the remaining unused amount will be forfeited.

No. The cashback can only be used for the next transaction at participating partner(s). The cashback cannot be transferred to the main Boost Wallet, bank account or other Boost account and cannot be exchanged in any kind.