Introducing the
NEW BoostUP Rewards Programme

March your way to the NEW BoostUP Rewards programme – it is now SO SENANG to rank up and earn MORE REWARDS!


Boost Coins are now Boost Stars and the more you spend, the more Boost Stars you get and the higher you’ll Rank Up! It’s that easy. And as a launch bonus, we’ll quadruple your previous Boost Coins balance (as at 31 October) to become 4X Boost Stars!

The NEW BoostUP is also MORE Rewarding now with:

GUARANTEED Boost Stars with every RM1 spent

DOUBLE Boost Stars when you Add Money with online banking

MORE Boost Stars at higher ranks

Your new rank is based on assessment of your spending between
1 July 2021 until 31 October 2021.

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Join in the Fun and Check Out These Perks as You Rank Up!

Ranking up is now much easier. The more you spend on Boost, the more you can rank up and earn MORE benefits at each higher rank. Whether you’re a Red Recruit, Silver Sergeant or Gold General, you’ll be loaded with Rewards!

How do you earn Boost Stars?

For every RM1 spent using Boost eWallet, you will earn Boost Stars according to your rank.
You can pay your bills, shop online, order food, scan & pay with Boost in-stores and more to earn the Boost Stars!









What can you do with your Boost Stars?

Win BIG with BoostUP Pick & Win and redeem MORE Rewards from the BoostUp catalogue ranging from gadgets, household appliances, game credits, food vouchers and many more! We’ve got exciting prizes that you can get your hands on every month with Pick & Win.

Live it Up on NEW BoostUP

Discover the NEW BoostUP! Check out the video to find out how you can
check your Rank, Benefits and Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Revamp on Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUP”

We have upgraded BoostUP programme to be easier and more rewarding.


Every rank will earn a fixed amount of Boost Stars for every RM spend. It is now easier to rank up or maintain rank as well based only on your spending amount within a quarter.

Effective 1 November 2021, your Coins are now known as ‘Stars’ and all your remaining Coins as of 31 October 2021 will be multiplied by 4 into Boost Stars.


For example, you have 300 Boost Coins as of 31 October 2021, with effect from 1 November 2021, you will have 1,200 Boost Stars instead. This is a one-time launch reward.

To simplify the BoostUP Rewards Programme for you, we now offer only three (3) ranks as set out below:

  1. Rank 1: Red Recruit
  2. Rank 2: Silver Sergeant
  3. Rank  3: Gold General

You will be allocated within one of the three ranks in the new programme structure based on your spending between 1st July 2021 to 31st October 2021 which are assessed as follows:

  1. If your total spending between 1st July to 30th September 2021 is between:
    1. RM0 – RM1,199, you will be a Red Recruit;
    2. RM1,200 – RM4,499, you will be a Silver Sergeant;
    3. RM4,500 and more, you will be a Gold General; and
  2. Subsequently, if your total spending between 1st October 2021 to 31st October 2021 meets the new rank requirement, you will rank up accordingly.

You will be moved only to 1 rank lower than your current rank.

Unlike the previous mechanism in the BoostUP Rewards Programme, we have enhanced the feature and made it easier for you to level up. As long as you spend based on the tiering below, you will be upgraded to the next  rank to enjoy different benefits the said rank offers.


To rank up to Silver Sergeant, you will need to spend a total of RM1,200 within a quarter.


To rank up to Gold General, you will need to spend a total of RM4,500 within a quarter.

Stars are (prior to 1 November 2021) previously known as Coins. You earn Stars from your eligible and valid transactions via Boost app, including paying your bills and making purchase on e-commerce or merchants. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Boost Rewards Programme “BoostUP” for more information on eligible and non-eligible transactions.


The higher your membership tier is, you will earn more stars for ever RM1 spend.

  1. Red Recruit – earn 1 Stars
  2. Silver Sergeant – earn 2 Stars
  3. Gold General – earn 3 Stars

You can use the Stars to redeem rewards from BoostUP catalogue, or exchange for an entry or entries in the BoostUP Pick & Win in the Boost app, redeem a mission to get extra reward.

With the new revamp, you may expect to benefit from the following:
  1. Fixed earn rate for each single RM you spend via the Boost app;
  2. Single criteria to level up and maintain your rank;
  3. Fresh catalogue for redemptions;
  4. Monthly online banking cash-in bonus – Cash-in via online banking to enjoy extra rewards;
  5. Brand new Pick & Win catalogue.
Online Banking Reward is an extra reward for users who have performed cash-in via online banking throughout the entire month. You will be rewarded based on your spending of that month in the following month. We’ll reward you based on your rank:
  1. Red Recruit – get extra 1 stars from your monthly spending
  2. Silver Sergeant – get extra 2 stars from your monthly spending
  3. Gold General – get extra 3 stars from your monthly spending
  Example, if you are a Gold General and have performed all cash-in via online banking and spend RM2000 in the previous month, you will receive extra 6000 stars on top of my base earning.

To browse available rewards, please visit the Boost app > Select your profile on home page > Select My Rewards > Select Browse. Terms and Conditions of Boost Rewards Programme “BoostUP” shall apply.