Get Microinsurance via Boost Protect

Insurance shouldn’t be complicated nor over-inflated! That’s why, we’ve initiated Boost Protect microinsurance plans with low insurance premiums so you’ll enjoy peace of mind and coverage for those unexpected moments. Stay safe, stay protected and live your best life with bite-sized insurance plans for any needs.

Let’s explore a variety of affordable insurance coverage plans catered to your needs, all underwritten by Great Eastern.

How does Boost Protect you?


Price: RM100 / 12 months

Don’t cry over a cracked screen, protect your smartphone now!


Price: RM10 / 6 months

Got a credit card? Protect your credit card bills today!



Price: RM60 / 6 months

Get daily cash allowances even when you’re out of action.


Price: RM30 / 6 months

Keep yourself and your bills covered when life gets messy.

Protect Super6

Price: RM39 / 6 months

YOLO more, FOMO less with a 6-month protection plan.


Price: RM6.25 / month

No sweat protection for the studio, outdoor activities & gym.

SME OwnerProtect

Price: RM45 / 12 months

Protect your business’ most important asset – you.

With insurance that caters to all your coverage needs, now, there’s an easy way for all our Boosties to stay protected.

Here’s how to get Boost Protect:

Step 1

Head to ‘Do More’ and click on ‘Insurance’

Step 2

Tab on 'Our Products' for more options.

Step 3

Pick your insurance product

Step 4

Go through the info, then click 'Get Protected'

Step 5

Fill in insured individual's details.

Step 6

Go through the info, then click 'Pay'

Step 7

Payment success