Boost™UP FlexiRedeem: Redeem It Your Way

Enjoy more flexibility than ever with FlexiRedeem! Now you can choose to redeem rewards from the BoostUP Rewards Catalogue using Stars, money from your Boost Wallet, or both.

Boost Stars + Boost Wallet = Rewards Anytime!

Redeem rewards instantly, even if you don’t have enough Boost Stars

Choose how much Stars or money to use for your redemption

Earn MORE Boost Stars on money used in FlexiRedeem redemption

How to Use Boost™UP FlexiRedeem


Visit the BoostUP Rewards


Choose items from the
FlexiRedeem tab.


Choose the amount of Stars
and money
to be used for redemption.


Success! Your BoostUP Reward
is now redeemed.

That’s so easy, right? Try FlexiRedeem now on the Boost app!

Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiRedeem gives you the flexibility to redeem rewards from the BoostUP Rewards Catalogue using your Boost Stars and money from your Boost Wallet.

Simply head to the BoostUP Rewards Catalogue, select items from the “FlexiRedeem” tab and choose the amount of Stars and money from your Boost Wallet you wish to use for redemptions.

FlexiRedeem is available for selected items only which can be found on the “FlexiRedeem” tab and are identified by the “FlexiRedeem” tag on the item image.

Yes. You may choose to redeem in full using your Boost Stars as well.

No. However, you may adjust the amount of money used from your Boost Wallet from the options provided.

Once successfully redeemed, you may find proof of your transaction by navigating the app as follows:

Homepage > Transactions tab > Click on the specific transaction made

You are required to confirm all redemption amounts prior to redemption completion. Once confirmed, the redemption may not be cancelled.

Please raise your enquiries to for further assistance.