Electric, Water & Postpaid Bill Payment

Settle all your bills easily with Boost – mobile & internet, electricity, water, tv and local municipals all from the Boost app. Simply select your desired biller, key in your account details, and make payment. Save your details for faster payments the next time you pay your bills via Boost app.

Set up your AutoBills

Schedule and pay your monthly bills automatically.

Set up your MultiBills

Pay multiple bills in one go with a tap of a button.

Set up your ViewBills

View your outstanding bill balance and due dates with ViewBills

Bill Payment Dashboard

Pay your bills conveniently from the Bill Payment Dashboard

View your bill payment transaction history from your Bill Payment Dashboard

History Transaction

Payment Receipt

Bill Reminder

Set a weekly or monthly reminder and stay on top of your bills

Be Rewarded with Boost Coins

Every time you make a bill payment. And use those coins in the BoostUP catalogue to redeem cash, electronics, vouchers & more right from the Boost e-wallet app!

Here’s how to pay your bills with Boost app:

Step 1

Tap on the Bill Payment Button on the Boost homepage.

Step 2

Select a Biller.

Step 3

Key in the account number you want to pay for. It could be yours or someone else.

Step 4

Insert amount bill amount.

Step 5

Confirm payment.

Step 6

Success! You have paid your bill.