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You can start to claim your RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat on Boost e-Wallet App from 15 Jan 2020

This e-Tunai Rakyat initiative is brought to you by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. Eligible Malaysians who meet the following criteria will be able to claim a RM30 one-time incentive from Boost.

Follow the steps below to claim your e-Tunai Rakyat

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More About e-Tunai Rakyat

e-Tunai Rakyat is a RM30 digital stimulus channelled through the Boost app as one of the selected e-Wallets to encourage cashless spending activities.

A one-time RM30 payment into your Boost e-Wallet

Boost is one of the selected e-Wallet for this initiative

You can download the Boost app through the following methods
1. Go to Google Play Store (on Android smartphones) or App Store (for Apple smartphones) on your smartphone and search for the Boost App.
2. Download the Boost app from Google PlayStore or App Store.
3. Click on "Install' to download the app into your smartphone.

#1 Malaysian citizen with an identification card.
#2 Aged 18 years and above in 2020.
#3 Income of less than RM100,000 annually based on income reported for 2018 are not eligible for this Program
Eligibility is verified through data from the National Registration Department and the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board.

Applicants can submit their programme applications beginning from 15 January 2020 – 8 March 2020. The programme will end on 14 March 2020

Upon submitting the application to claim the RM30 e-Tunai rakyat, you will be able to know the success of your application within 5 days from submission of application. The RM30 will be immediately credited to your Boost wallet upon success.

  • It can be used to purchase any product and service within the country that is offered by Boost.
  • It can only be used until 14 March 2020 after which it will expire.
  • It is not transferable by any other users.

Yes, the RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat cannot be used to perform peer-to-peer transfers, cash- out/withdrawal to bank account and remittance. Upon successful claim, RM30 will be credited into your Boost wallet. You will not be able to use the Send Money and or Transfer Out to Bank feature until an amount of RM30 has been spent and utilised.

Upon spending the min RM30, you will be able to resume the Send Money & Transfer Out to Bank function immediately

Each eligible individual can only receive the RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat from only one e-Wallet application. Hence, applications on other e-Wallet applications will be rejected once an application has already been approved by one e-Wallet.

All balance not utilised after 14 March 2020 will expire and any unused amount will be removed from the Customer’s Boost wallet balance.

The verification process for new and existing applications can be done through the e-Wallet application.

A) Download Boost application from the Google PlayStore or iOS App store
B) Register for a Boost account if you have not done so
C) Click the e-Tunai Rakyat tab on the Boost Home page & click Claim
D) Go through the claim process as per instructions which includes electronic identity verification, income eligibility and that no redemption of RM30 has been performed previously.
E) Once eligibility of the application is verified, RM30 will be transacted into the customer’s Boost app

All customers who have successfully claimed their RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost will be entitled to receive one shake reward of up to RM8,888 in value. In addition, customers will also be able to participate in the Ang Pow challenge campaign in which customers can potentially earn daily angpows.

Customers will also be able to access a selection of exciting deals and promotions that are exclusive to customers who claim with Boost. You may browse the selection by clicking on the e-Tunai Rakyat banner on the Boost App Homepage.

Don’t worry! With Boost, everyone wins. Even if you are not eligible to claim due to not meeting the 3 main criteria set by the Ministry of Finance, you can still win with Boost.

Just go through the claim process by clicking the e-Tunai Rakyat banner on your Boost App Homepage and follow the steps.

Upon confirmation that your application is not successful due to the following reasons, you will be entitled to receive a Shake Reward of up to RM888.

1) #1 NOT a Malaysian citizen with an identification card.
2) #2 Aged below 18 years old in 2020.
3) #3 Income of more than RM100,000 annually.

In addition, enjoy deals that are open to all. You may see all the latest deals by clicking through the e-Tunai Rakyat tab on Boost Homepage and browsing through the Deals tab.

Yes, only customers who have successfully claimed their RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost or have gone through the claim process but are unsuccessful based on the ineligibility criteria below will enjoy the up to RM8,888 Shake Rewards.

1) #1 NOT a Malaysian citizen with an identification card.
2) #2 Aged below 18 years old in 2020.
3) #3 Income of more than RM100,000 annually.

  • Daily Ang Pow is a game that eligible customers can play to earn cashbacks and coins.
  • Upon joining the Challenge - customers will receive 2 ang pows in which they can choose to redeem or giveaway these ang pows to someone else.
    • If they redeem both for themselves, they will die in the game.
    • If they want to stay alive, they need to giveaway at least 1 ang pow to another friend who has not yet joined the challenge. They will need to repeat this daily to stay alive in the game.
  • The longer they stay alive the more ang pows they will receive.
  • If customer dies in the game, he/she may revive up to 2 times by spending RM50 cumulatively. The customer can only revise up to two times throughout the game.
  • The angpow challenge will commence from the 15 th Jan 2020 – 14 March 2020.

Only customers who have successfully claimed their e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost can participate in this challenge. They may giveaway the ang pow to their friend who has not claimed with Boost. Once the friend accepts the ang pow, it is considered that the challenge has been fulfilled for that day.

However, the friend will not be able to open and giveaway their own ang pows until the friend has successfully claimed their e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost to join the game.

You may accept the invite for the Ang Pow Challenge which enabled your friend to stay alive in the game. However, you will not be able to join the Ang Pow Challenge.

These Vouchers and Bundles are exclusive to Boost customers who have successfully claimed their e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost. To unlock these vouchers and bundles, please submit your claims for e-Tunai Rakyat. The Vouchers & Bundles tab will automatically be unlocked upon your successful claim.

If you have a friend who referred you to claim your e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost, please enter your friend’s Boost referral code there. This will entitle your friend to earn rewards for referring you.

Boost customers can encourage their friends and families to claim their RM30 e-Tunai Rakyat with Boost and earn rewards. All customers have got to do are:

1) Share their Claim Referral Code to friends/family.
2) Get them to enter the referral code during the claim process.
3) Get RM3 reward when each of them successfully claim with Boost using the code.
4) Every 5th successful referral will have an additional RM3 reward on top of the RM3.

This campaign is limited to the first 200,000 claims with Boost using the referral code so the faster your spread the joy the more you earn.

You may contact our customer support experts at support@myboost.com.my

Merchants who are interested can reach us via email at business@myboost.com.my or call 03-22609494. Business hours are from Monday to Sunday. 9 am – 9 pm (including public holiday)

Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR “e-Tunai Rakyat Programme” (“Programme”)

About this Program

This Program is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with e-wallet service providers in Malaysia, namely Boost, GrabPay and TnG (“Participating e-Wallet”).

Duration of Program

This Program shall commence from 15 January 2020 to 14 March 2020.

Any extension thereof shall be at the sole discretion of Ministry of Finance.

  1. Eligibility criteria
    • The Program is open to all Boost customers who are Malaysian citizens aged at least eighteen (18) years old as at 31 December 2020 (“Customer”).
    • To be eligible for this Program, Customer will need to provide proof of identity using a valid Malaysian NRIC, based on the records of JPN.
    • Customer whose annual income was RM100,000 or more for the year 2018 based on the income the Customer has submitted in his or her latest tax filing in 2018 are not eligible for this Program.
  2. Program incentive:
    • Customers must submit the application between 15 January 2020 and 8 March 2020 to receive a one-off RM30 disbursement (“Disbursement”).
    • The eligible Customer will receive the Disbursement once the claim has been approved and it shall be credited in the Customer’s Boost wallet within five (5) days. However, there may be delays in disbursement during periods of high claim submissions.
    • The Disbursement can only be claimed by eligible Customer once from any of the Participating e-Wallet , from 15 January until 12.00 a.m. on 9 March 2020, depending on the earliest submission. e.g. if Customer has made an application with Participating e-Wallet A and subsequently with Participating e-Wallet B, only the application with Participating e-Wallet A will be considered.
    • The Disbursement is awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, while funds are available.
    • Once redeemed, the Disbursement must be utilised by 14 March 2020 and any unused incentive will be removed from the Customer’s Boost wallet balance.
    • The Disbursement received are restricted from performing transactions such as peer-to-peer transfers via the “Send Money” feature, cash-out via the “Transfer Out to Bank” feature and remittance. The Disbursement must be utilised in Malaysia and shall be used for goods and services provided in Malaysia.
    • The “Send Money” feature, “Transfer Out to Bank” feature and remittance will be disabled until Customer has utilized the Disbursement.
    • The Disbursement received shall not be utilised for any illegal activity.
  3. Personal Data Protection
    By applying for this Program, the Boost Privacy Notice that have been provided to Customer upon registration of Boost service will apply. In addition to the Boost Privacy Notice, Customer agrees and consents to Boost and/or its affiliated companies collecting, storing, using, processing and disclosing your Personal Information (which includes, but is not limited to, your name, NRIC, address, mobile phone number, and, where requested, bank account details, bank statements and transaction information) as follows to:
    • Provide and disclose your Personal Information to service providers (which may be located outside Malaysia), the Government of Malaysia and its nominees, government departments and government agencies to validate and process the eligibility of your application to this program.
    • Validate the claim of the Disbursement with other participating e-wallets in the event of a dispute.
    • Process any complaints Customer may have against Boost for this Program.
    • Deliver any notice or communications to you through third party service providers in connection to this Program.
    • Collect data (including transaction information) on the products or services Customers have spent their incentive on.
    • enable Customer’s Personal Information to a relevant third party service providers for the purposes to give full effect to the Program.
    • Provide and disclose Customer’s Personal Information (which may include Customer’s transaction information) to the Government of Malaysia and its nominees, government departments and government agencies to determine the success of the Program.
    Note that Customer will not be able to participate in this program if Customer does not agree and consent to the collection, storage, usage, processing and disclosure of his Personal Data. Boost will store Customer’s Personal Information in accordance with the data processing principles (including the Security Principle) contained in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
E-Tunai Rakyat