Terms & Conditions

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

14.1 The Merchant acknowledges that the copyright, designs, trademarks and other Intellectual Property Rights comprised in the information, text, graphics, scripts, software, technology, music, sound, photograph, logos, widgets, documents and/or any materials provided by Ecode (“Ecode’s IPR”) are the sole and exclusive property of Ecode and/or its licensors.

14.2 The Merchant may utilise the Ecode’s IPR strictly in accordance with the instruction and guidelines of Ecode issued and/or communicated by Ecode from time to time and solely for the activities contemplated in this Agreement only.

14.3 The Merchant further agrees and undertakes that save as expressly permitted in this Agreement it shall not without Ecode’s prior written consent:

  1. (a) reproduce, copy, reverse compile, adapt, modify, distribute, commercially exploit, display, broadcast, hyperlink or transmit in any manner or by any means or store in an information retrieval system any part of Ecode’s IPR; and
  2. (b) create or use derivative works from Ecode’s IPR.