Terms & Conditions

No portion of this writing may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without prior written permission from Boost

Disputed Transaction

5.1 The Merchant shall provide the Products and/or Services to the Customer only upon confirmation of the Transaction by Ecode.

5.2 Ecode shall not be responsible for any Transactions that have not been confirmed by Ecode.

5.3 All disputed Transaction shall be the sole liability of the Merchant.

5.4 Ecode shall not under any obligation or responsibility to investigate any disputed Transaction.

5.5 Where Ecode is notified of any invalid or disputed Transactions, Ecode will notify the Merchant of the same by email, fax or letter and where possible accompanied by an explanation of the reason for it. Ecode will classify the Transaction as disputed and debit it back to Merchant.

5.6 The Merchant agrees to investigate disputed Transactions and take all reasonable steps to resolve disputes with Customers within fourteen (14) days and follow the procedures for handling disputed Transactions which Ecode advises from time to time. Ecode shall have the right to suspend the processing of such Transaction or withhold the Settlement to the Merchant of the amount of such Transaction until the satisfactory completion of any investigation.

5.7 A Transaction may be regarded as invalid by Ecode if:

  1. (a) the Transaction was declined for any reason but the same was processed by the Merchant;
  2. (b) it is for any reason incomplete unlawful and unenforceable;
  3. (c) the Transaction found to be a duplicate transaction; or
  4. (d) it is not processed as per the Boost’s operating guide as per Appendix A.

5.8 The Merchant shall resolve any disputes, claims or complaints the Merchant may have received from the Customer in respect of any Transaction using Boost. Ecode shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever in the event there is a dispute between the Merchant and the Customer in relation to the Transaction including but not limited to the quality of the Product and/or Services, overcharging or late delivery unless it can be reasonably shown by the Merchant that such dispute arose, directly or indirectly, from the gross negligence, fraudulent act, material default or breach, material errors and/or omissions by Ecode in the provision of Boost Service under this Agreement.