Terms & Conditions

No portion of this writing may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without prior written permission from Boost

Advertising and Promotion

11.1 The Merchant shall honour all the promotional/advertising schemes which may be introduced by Ecode.

11.2 Unless otherwise expressly specified by Ecode in writing, the Merchant shall procure all marketing and promotional materials directly from Ecode.

11.3 In the event the Merchant decides to produce its own materials in promoting Boost Services, all uses of Ecode’s Intellectual Property Rights, including without limitation its logo and brand name shall be subject to Axiata’s written approval. The Merchant shall send copies of all materials which contain uses of Axiata’s Intellectual Property Rights to Axiata in advance of their use at the e-mail address indicated in this Agreement.

11.4 Upon Ecode’s request, the Merchant shall display prominently at its premises, Ecode’s brochures and/or other publicity material provided to it by Ecode.

11.5 Ecode or its agents shall at all reasonable times have the right to entry and inspect the retail outlet or trading premises of the Merchant (if applicable).

11.6 The Merchant shall participate in initiatives that Ecode may announce from time to time, such as new customer acquisition activities including those assisted by a promoter funded by Ecode, in customer promotional campaigns, in Merchant-get-Merchant campaign and other forms of Merchant loyalty programs etc.

11.7 The Merchant hereby agrees that Ecode may from time to time, display the Merchant’s logo, branding (including any marks and/or images available on public domains) on its platform without further approval from the Merchant and the Merchant shall indemnify Ecode against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims, demands, loss, damages, liabilities and expenses howsoever incurred, suffered, paid or payable by Ecode in anyway arising from such usage.