DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard established by PayNet under the BNM’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework. Through DuitNow QR’s interoperability, any compliant QR Code can take payments from any participating Banks and e-Wallets.

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Boost DuitNow QR

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Unify all epayments with one QR code – declutter your POS, system and bookkeeping.

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Join Boost DuitNow QR

Here’s how you can update your epayment QR to the Boost DuitNow QR.

Step 1

Keep a lookout on the new POSMs and DuitNow QR code coming your way.

Step 2

Update your Boost Business App to start accepting DuitNow QR from 25th January 2020.

Step 3

Print your new QR code directly from your Boost Business App

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Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Boost DuitNow QR

DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s national Quick Response (QR) standard established by PayNet under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework.

DuitNow QR for Merchant is Boost’s merchant acceptance service that enables merchants to receive payments from customers through a DuitNow QR code. Merchants would only need to display one DuitNow QR code, in order to accept payments instead of having to display multiple QR codes at their payment counters or generate from Boost Business App.

DuitNow QR for Merchant is open to all merchants who have already signed up as Boost’s Merchants.

DuitNow QR allows interoperability between all participating Banks and e-Wallets.

Businesses enjoy lower cost, consolidated statements for easy reconciliation, and no longer need to display many QR codes at payment counters.

Yes, you may request more than one (1) QR Codes based on multiple stores or outlets.

Check if the merchant outlet name displayed on the QR Code matches your registered outlet’s name.

Scan the QR Code and make one (1) transaction to ensure the QR Code has been linked to the correct account number. You will receive a push notification upon successful transaction.

For every transfer or payment made, check and confirm the transaction date, time and amount based on the push notification from the Boost immediately. As an additional precautionary measure, you may also request your customer to display the fund transfer confirmation slip to you.

Merchants may use the DuitNow QR service anywhere within Malaysia.

Yes, DuitNow QR code is interoperable. As long as the payer’s issuing Bank has enabled the payment process via DuitNow QR, the transaction will be accepted.

No, you do not have to pay for this service. It is FREE for customers

All payments should receive instantly, and settlement is subject to terms and conditions.

For further assistance and information, you can reach us via email at business@myboost.com.my or call at 03-2260 9494. Our business hours are from Monday to Sunday, 9AM – 9PM (including public holiday).