Boost Biz BigShots

Attention Boost merchants, sellers and business owners!

Are you the Boost Biz BigShots we’re looking for?

Get your customers to scan and pay via point-of-sales terminals which accepts Boost as payment method and as a reward – stand a chance win the cash prizes to be the BigShots of the week.

Total number of winners and rewards are as follow:

12 weeks x 12 winners

RM 88

So, start cracking and let’s win some cash prizes!

Step 1

Display your POSM with Boost logo and “pay with Boost” stickers prominently

(the more, the BETTER!)

Step 2

Get your customers to
spend and pay with Boost
via pointofsales terminals

All you have to do is achieve RM500 and above on a weekly basis to become eligible for Boost Biz Bigshots!

Winners to be announced on our website and Facebook page. Check regularly to see if you have won!

Campaign starts from 1st April 2023 until 30th June 2023

Congratulations to our winners!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the campaign?

The campaign will run from 1st April 2023 to 30th June 2023.

Week noCampaign Week
Week 013-Apr-23 to 9-Apr-23
Week 0210-Apr-23 to 16-Apr-23
Week 0317-Apr-23 to 23-Apr-23
Week 0424-Mar-23 to 30-Apr-23
Week 051-May-23 to 7-May-23
Week 068-May-23 to 14-May-23
Week 0715-May-23 to 21-May-23
Week 0822-May-23 to 28-May-23
Week 0929-May-23 to 4-Jun-23
Week 105-Jun-23 to 11-Jun-23
Week 1112-Jun-23 to 18-Jun-23
Week 1219-Jun-23 to 25-Jun-23

2. How can I participate in this campaign?

Just encourage your customers to scan and pay via point-of-sales terminals which accept Boost as a payment method. Merchants who achieve RM500 and above on a weekly basis are eligible to win the cash prizes. The higher the cumulative amount, the higher chances of you winning the cash prize.

3. Who can participate in this Campaign?

This Campaign shall be applicable to selected merchants who accept Boost as a payment method via point-of-sales terminals and who fulfil the following criteria:

(i)         merchants who are registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and/or authorized registration bodies and having one (1) or more outlets; or

(ii)        merchants who are Malaysian or holding Malaysia Permanent Residency (PR) status, but not registered with SSM; and

(iii)       merchants who are under the following categories are not eligible to participate in this Campaign: (Merchants using static QR -e.g Boost QR or DuitNow QR, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charity Organizations and Religious Bodies, Hotels, Education/Training, Financial Services, Building Management and Healthcare/Medical Services).

4. What happens if I void a transaction?

If a transaction is voided, the accumulated entries related to the transaction amount will be voided too. For the avoidance of doubt, voided transactions are transactions that are cancelled by a Merchant before the transaction is settled through a customer’s Boost account. If any of the voided transactions is found made purposely to gain entries for the Campaign, eCode reserves the right to void the said transaction and other accumulated transactions too.

5. Can my customers pay through an Online Payment Gateway (TPA) and will that be considered as an eligible transaction?

No. Only payments that are made by scanning via other point-of-sales terminals in physical stores are considered eligible transactions in this Campaign.

6. How many times can I win the Weekly Cash Prizes?

Each eligible merchant is entitled to win only (1) Weekly Cash Prize during the Campaign Period.

7. When will I get the cash prize if I was selected as one of the winners?

The Cash Prize will be credited into the winners’ bank accounts registered your authorized point-of-sales terminal provider who shall then transfer the same to your bank account registered with them within one hundred and twenty (120) working days after winner announcement.

8. How will I know that I have won the campaign?

Prize winners will be informed by TPA or via Boost Business email ( and the list of winners will be updated in our Official Campaign Microsite (Coming Soon). We will not be contacting the winners through phone calls or any other communication channels, including WhatsApp or SMS for any purposes related to the Campaign.

9. What are the prizes for this Campaign?

Twelve (12) winners each week will be eligible to win RM88 Cash stipulated below.


No of Winners

Weekly Cash Prize - RM88

12 winners per week