Where to Boost?

As the world embraces digital transactions, your business has to follow suit – and Boost Business is here to help push your business further.

Boost Business simplifies your day-to-day operations by allowing you to manage your cash flow with just 1 app. Its simple interface makes it easy for you to receive payments & keep track of your cash flow, and it’s suitable for any type of business – from hawker stalls, to retail outlets.

With Boost Business, you can

Grow your business
By reaching out to Boost’s
growing customer base

Save your cost
With competitive MDR &
NO registration fees!

Get direct settlements
Into your bank account
the next morning

Forget loose change
There’s no need to count your
cash everyday anymore

Master it within a day
It’s fast & simple user interface
allows you to master it quickly

Evaluate your performance
Check your transactions, sales,
and much more with the app

Want to be our Boost Merchant?