Win 200,000 Boost Coins From Boost Tournament Campaign

This Campaign is held by Axiata Digital eCode Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 201701000820 (1214970-T)) (“eCode”). By participating in the Campaign, Customer (as hereinafter defined) hereby agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions which shall form an integral part of and to be read together with Boost Terms and Conditions, Boost Campaign General Terms and Conditions and Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUp” Terms and Conditions (which shall govern the use of the Boost Coins rewarded under this Campaign).

In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions, such inconsistency shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following decreasing order (i) these terms and conditions; (ii) Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUp” Terms and Conditions; (iii) Boost Campaign General Terms and Conditions and (iv) Boost Terms and Conditions.

Campaign Period

18 September 2020 until 7 October 2020


This Campaign shall be applicable to Boost users (“Customers”).

Campaign Mechanics

  1. During the Campaign Period, Customers who participate in Boost Tournament by playing the free “Featured Game” will stand a chance to win their share from the daily prize pool of 10,000 Boost Coins as stipulated in Table 2 below.
  2. To participate in this Campaign and to be able to stand a chance to win the Boost Coins, Customers have to perform the following steps:
  3. Join the Boost Tournament in the Boost app;
  4. Click on free “Featured Game” listed in Table 1. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be a different game featured throughout the Campaign Period as illustrated in table 1 below. Once the featured game has ended, the scores will be refreshed and a new featured game will run. Customers may participate in each featured game and win unlimited times, subject to their ranking on the leaderboard.
Dates Entry Cost Featured Games
18 September until 24 September 2020 Free The Switch
25 September until 1 October 2020 Free Yeti Sensation
2 October 2020 Free Pirate Ship
3 October 2020 Free Cut The Fruit
4 October 2020 Free Hexagon Fall
5 October 2020 Free Penalty Masters
6 October 2020 Free Gem Shooter
7 October 2020 Free Hit the Knife

Table 1

  1. The winners for the Boost Coins shall be selected based on their ranking on the leaderboard and their ranking will be dependent on their scores. Higher scores would entitle the Customer to win more Boost Coins.
  2. The Boost Coins will be credited into the winner’s Boost account no later than the Reward Period corresponding with its respective Participation Period (please refer to Table 3 below).
  3. Winners must utilize the rewarded Boost Coins by 31 August 2021, failing which, the Boost Coins shall expire and shall be automatically forfeited without notice.
  4. Winners will be notified by eCode via push-notification after eCode has credited the Boost Coins into their Boost account.

Reward Table

Winner Winnings (Boost Coins) Total Winners Total Winnings (Boost Coins)
1st 1,200 1 1,200
2nd 800 1 800
3rd 600 1 600
4th 500 1 500
5th 400 1 400
6th-10th 300 5 1,500
11th-20th 200 10 2,000
21st-50th 100 30 3,000

Table 2

Reward Period

Participation Period Reward Period
18 September until 24 September 2020 5 October 2020
25 September until 1 October 2020 12 October 2020
2 October until 7 October 2020 16 October 2020

Table 3