[Boost x MAGGI] Maggi Hot Mealz Survey

This Campaign is held by Axiata Digital eCode Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 201701000820 (1214970-T)) (“eCode”). By participating in the Campaign, Participants (as hereinafter defined) hereby agree to be bound by these terms and conditions which shall form an integral part of and to be read together with Boost Terms and Conditions, Boost Campaign General Terms and Conditions, and Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUp” Terms and Conditions.

In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions, such inconsistency shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following decreasing order (i) these terms and conditions; (ii) Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUp” Terms and Conditions; (iii) Boost Campaign General Terms and Conditions and (iv) Boost Terms and Conditions.

Campaign Period

1st November 2021 to 30th November 2021


This Campaign shall be applicable to Boost users who have received this survey and completed it (collectively, “Participants”, and “Participant” means anyone of them).

Campaign Mechanics


  1. Subject to paragraph 3 below, during the Campaign Period, Participants who successfully complete the questionnaires of the MAGGI Hot Mealz Survey (“Survey”) will be eligible to receive 2,000 Boost Stars (“Reward”).
  2. Each Participant may only answer/ complete the Survey once and subject to paragraph 3 below, may only receive one (1) Reward under this Campaign.
  3. Only the first 600 Participants who successfully completed the Survey will be entitled to receive the Reward. For clarity, the ability of a Participant to access the Survey, and the act of the Participant completing and answering the Survey does not necessarily mean and guarantee that the Participant will receive the Reward.
  4. Each Reward shall be subject to the Boost Loyalty Programme “BoostUp” Feature Terms and Conditions.
  5. Participants are required to provide eCode their mobile number for the fulfilment of the Reward, in which their mobile number provided must match with that of their Boost account, failing which such Participants may not be able to receive his/ her Reward.
  6. The Participants who are eligible to receive the Reward will receive it in their BoostUp account by 31st December 2021.
  7. If there are any changes in the details which the Participants have provided to eCode, the Participants will be required to update eCode accordingly, failing which such Participants may not be able to receive his/ her Reward.
  8. For the avoidance of doubt, Customers who have received the Reward under this Campaign are not entitled for the default Boost coins which is tied up to their BoostUp level.


By proceeding to view, answer and complete the Survey under this Campaign, you have read and agreed to accept the terms of Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd’s Privacy Notice (click here to view and read the Privacy Notice), and you will be deemed to have consented to and authorized Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd to collect, obtain, store, disclose and process your personal data provided in accordance with the Privacy Notice.

For avoidance of doubt, “personal data” includes all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 including all data you had disclosed to Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd under this Campaign.

For clarity, Axiata Digital eCode Sdn Bhd reserves the right to close the Survey any time without any notice. If you are unable to access the Survey, this means the Survey is closed and no longer accessible to anyone.